The ECAP EXTERNAL WALL INSULATION SYSTEM comprises boards with a choice of 5 thermal insulation types factory pre-finished with a cementitious base coat render combined with a reinforcing mesh. The mesh is fixed to the boards in a shiplap fashion to allow the mesh to overlap onto adjacent boards.

Improved Fire Rating Option: A1 Fire rated pre-coated (Base coat and mesh)
ECAP insulation boards using mineral wool insulation. Rigid surface. Weatherproof

Range of thicknesses 30mm to 200mm
ECAP insulation boards are available in a range of thicknesses to suit available space and in order that the installed solution complies with the thermal requirements of local Building Regulations.

Faster installation
ECAP boards are pre-finished with a base coat this effectively removes two installation operations and contributes to a 60% saving in installation time.

Installation less weather dependent
ECAP pre-coated boards also means that the installation process is far less weather dependent. The base coat is already in place on the board, dry and cured.

Ease of use
Base coat already applied
Mesh already fixed to board. No full height draping of mesh required
Each board has designated positions through which mechanical fixings are installed for additional security of installation

Lighter weight
Thin base coat and top coat provide a lighter weight installation ideal for lighter dwelling structures, Park homes, lodges etc.

Full kit supplied
Standard kit components include adhesives, insulation boards, fixings, primer and coloured finish top coat.
Base rails, edge beads, plinth insulation and insulated window reveal boards can be supplied as extras


1. EPS
2. EPS Graphite enhanced
3. Polyisocyanurate
4. Mineral wool. A1 fire rated
5. Aerogel. High performance insulation

Install 1
Install 2

Day 1 – Fix base rail. Adhesive fix boards. Allow 1 hour for adhesive to harden. Mechanically fix boards. Fill and skim joints with smoothing coat
Day 2 – Allow smoothing coat to dry
Day 3 – Apply primer coat
Day 4 – Apply finishing coat

Productivity: Two storey house. Wall area 70 square metres. 3 man team.

ECAP SYSTEM: 14.32 square metres per man per day.

Conventional system: 8.08 square metres per man per day.

Install Process