A classic building element.
Lightweight but extremely strong and versatile with a myriad of uses.
In addition to offering a bespoke sandwich panel service for many applications CorePro Systems also handles the complete range of panels from Stadur and supplies customers across the UK

Stadur Produktions GmbH & Co., established 30 years ago, is one on the largest producers of sandwich panels in Europe with a global export business.
Stadur is well known for its high quality products and its technical innovation.

Driven by environmental concerns in its domestic market Germany, Stadur in cooperation with a major global plastics manufacturer, has created a sheet product that has characteristics equal to but in many cases better than PVC the mainstay of the panel skin market.
It boasts not only a wider operating temperature range than PVC from -20 degC to +120 degC and a higher impact resistance but there is no presence of chlorine in its composition or manufacturing process.
The versatility of such a product enables it to be used in many different applications.
Sandwich panels made with Stadurlon skins are even foldable giving perfect corners meaning that in some applications there is no need for corner extrusions. Simply mitre a joint and bend

  1. Aluminium faced
  2. Decorative foil and extruded wood grain faced
  3. Fibre cement faced
  4. Plywood faced
  5. PVC faced
  6. Passivhaus Building elements
  7. Stadurlon faced
  8. Self adhesive foil faced for panel cores
  9. Special acoustic and security
  10. Vehicle body
  11. Bespoke
  12. Industrial: Air Handling Unit Panels
  • Architectural panels, cladding, doors and infill panels
  • Doors, cladding and infill panels
  • Insulated upstands and plinth panels
  • Lightweight furniture, shutters and decorative panels
  • Doors, walls, roof, cladding and infill panels
  • Insulated window and door frame extensions
  • Doors, walls, cladding and conservatory roof panels
  • XPS, PUR and PT/PTFR fire retardant panel cores
  • Integral acoustic or aluminium security layers
  • Stadurlon, GRP or alumium body panels
  • Panels made to customed’s design specifications
  • Galvanised steel, Aluzinc, Stainless Steel & coloured
1. Stadur FB-4 Aluminium
2. Stadur FB-3 Decorative
3. Stadur FB-HD Fibre Cement
4. Stadur FB-SPH Plywood
5. Stadur FB-PVC
6. ProfilTec-N Passivhaus
7. Stadur FB-1/SL Stadurlon
8. Stadur SKS Self Adhesive Foils
9. Stadur Phon Acoustic + Security
10. Stadur Car Plan GF Vehicle
11. Bespoke - "Cosy-Tee"
12. Industrial Air Handling Panels

Choose from:

  • Extruded Polystyrene (XPS)
  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
  • Polyurethane (PUR)
  • Polyisocyanurate (PIR)
  • PP Honeycomb
  • PT and PTFR (fire resistant)

Stadur differentiates its product offer by providing a wide choice of panel cores from Styrofoam XPS to EPS, PIR, PUR or PET rigid insulation foam, a wide choice of skin materials and thicknesses including a special skin, Stadurlon, a robust sheet material unique to Stadur.
Panels are available in all RAL colours, many decorative foils and panels with grooved surface patterns. There is also now an EasyPaint option that allows clients to paint their own panels without additional surface preparation.

Panels are available in a range of size formats up to 7 metres long allowing the customer to optimise yield and minimise waste when cutting panels to size.