CorePro Systems has been actively involved with aerogel insulation since its arrival in the UK in early 2006 working for Aspen Aerogels in UK market and business development plus sales and product design for individual and specific applications.

Aspen Aerogel’s Spaceloft insulation is a flexible, nanoporous aerogel blanket insulation designed to meet the demanding energy conservation requirements of residential and commercial building applications. An ideal product for low energy buildings and Passivhaus and applications where limited space is available for thermal insulation

Spaceloft’s unique properties, extremely low thermal conductivity, superior flexibility, compression resistance, hydrophobicity, and ease of use make it essential for those seeking the ultimate in thermal protection.
Using patented technology, Spaceloft insulation combines a silica aerogel with reinforcing fibres to deliver industry-leading thermal performance in an easy to handle and environmentally friendly product. Spaceloft products are a proven, effective insulation in building applications, providing maximum energy efficiency in walls, floors, roofs, and framing.

  • Superior thermal performance Up to three times better thermal performance than competing insulation products
  • Reduced thickness and profile Equal thermal resistance at a fraction of the thickness
  • Less time and labour to install Easily cut and conformed to complex shapes, tight curvatures and spaces with restricted access
  • Physically robust Soft and flexible but with excellent springback, Spaceloft recovers its thermal performance even after compression loads as high as 50 psi (345 kN/m2)
  • Shipping and warehousing savings Reduced material volume, high packing density, and low scrap rates can reduce logistics costs by a factor of three or more compared to rigid board and preformed insulations
  • Hydrophobic yet vapour permeable Spaceloft repels liquid water but allows vapour to pass through
  • Environmentally friendly Landfill disposable with no respirable fibre content
  • Thermal conductivity (l) Spaceloft insulation has the lowest thermal conductivity of any thermal insulation in today’s market 0.015W/mK

Aerogel Applications

  • Insulated reveal boards (see below)
  • Cold bridge strips. Self adhesive (see below) 
  • Wall insulation (Click for more details)
  • Loft Conversions
  • Floor insulation (see below)
  • Fire resistance (see below)
  • Motorhome/campervan insulation (Click for more details)
Cold Bridge Strips
Cosy Line (MgO board)
Foil Faced
Aerogel Roll

Aerogel High performance thermal insulation

  • Spaceloft
  • Pyrogel
  • Cryogel
  • A2 fire rated
  • Data sheets below at bottom of page

Aerogel Formats:

  • Rolls, part rolls, cut sheets
  • Thermal laminate boards. Bonded to plasterboard or Magnesium Oxide (MgO) boards
  • Cut sheets with self adhesive backing
  • Cut sheets with aluminised foil facing
  • Cut sheets with render mesh facing
  • Cut sheets anti-dust treated facing
  • Cut sheets with combinations of above facings

Aerogel Sizes & Properties:

Length: Rolls 45 metres to 90 metres dependent on thickness

Width: 1500mm

Thickness: 5mm, 10mm and bonded layers (15, 20, 25, 30mm etc.)

Thermal conductivities (Lambda) 0.015 to 0.017W/m2K

Fire Rated Euro Class C and A2

In addition to full or part rolls Aerogel, Spaceloft & Pyrogel in cut sheets with a choice of facing materials

Cut sheet sizes:

  • 2400mm x 1200mm
  • 1142mm x 700mm
  • 1400mm x 700mm
  • 710mm x 710mm
  • Layers can be bonded to offer range of thicknesses

Facings (on smaller sheet sizes only):

  • Anti dust spray coating
  • Self adhesive foil backing
  • Aluminised foil facing
  • Reinforcing mesh facing for plastering

These options available on one side, both sides or as a combination of two of the four.

More manageable, simpler to fix, less waste.
Small order amounts competitively priced.

Purchase directly from one of Europe’s largest Aerogel stockists and fabricators.

Aerogel Roll

Aerogel Spaceloft bonded to rigid building boards:

Ideal for space saving internal wall and floor insulation and loft conversions.

As thin as 13mm overall.

Board types: Walls 2400mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 600mm

  • Plasterboard, gypsum board. With or without foil VCL
  • Plywood sheets
  • Magnesium oxide (silicate) MgO boards. Vapour permeable, “breathable”, hygroscopic.

Board types:

Floors 2400mm x 1200mm, 1200mm x 600mm

  • Plywood sheets
  • Magnesium oxide (silicate) MgO boards. Vapour permeable, “breathable”, hygroscopic
  • A full range of thicknesses available
Cosy Line (MgO board)
  • Thermal resistance at 10mm = 0.72 m2k/W
  • Integral reinforcing mesh facing
  • Can be plastered directly
  • Vapour permeable (“breathable”)
  • Vapour impermeable option with integral VCL foil
  • Small sheet sizes for easier handling and cutting
  • 1400mm x 700mm
  • 1142mm x 700mm
  • 710mm x 710mm
Aerogel Spaceloft Board


  • 1200mm and 2400mm


  • 10mm
  • 20mm


  • 38mm
  • 50mm
  • 75mm
  • 100mm
Cold Bridge Strips
Cold Bridge Application 2
Cold Bridge Application 2

Utilise the benefit of Aerogel Spaceloft in its original large roll format.
Use full or part rolls in 1.5 metre widths.

Lay conventional screed, UFH spreader screed or slab directly over the Spaceloft.

Alternatively roll out Aerogel Spaceloft carpet style, cut to length and lay screed, screed boards or T&G chipboard directly over in standard floating floor application.

Finish with tiles, engineered wood flooring, flexible flooring, vinyl or carpet.

Ideal for underfloor heating (UFH) applications

Aerogel Floor Roll
Aerogel Floor Roll 2


  • Thicknesses 5mm and 10mm
  • Roll width 1450mm
  • Thermal Conductivity EN 12667 (Mean Temp. 10C) (λ) 0.015 W/mK
  • Operating temperature range From -200C to +200C
  • Colour Grey/black or white
  • Compressive Strength ASTM C 165 8 psi stress at 10% compression
  • Fire Performance Euro Fire Class C-s1,d0
  • Water Vapour Transmission ASTM E 96 33 Perms (mu 5)
  • Hydrophobic Yes
  • Embodied Energy 53 MJ/kg
  • Embodied CO2 4.2 kg of CO2/kg
  • European Technical Approval Spaceloft ETA 1471

Pyrogel XT-E

  • Thicknesses 5mm and 10mm
  • Roll width 1500mm
  • Thermal Conductivity EN 12667 (Mean Temp. 10C) (λ) 0.020 W/mK
  • Operating temperature range From -200C to +650C
  • Colour Maroon
  • Compressive Strength ASTM C 165 11.4 psi stress at 10% compression
  • Fire Performance Euro Fire Class A2-s0, d0
  • Hydrophobic Yes

Aerogel A2

  • Thickness 3mm, 6mm and 13mm
  • Roll width 910mm, 1500mm
  • Thermal Conductivity EN 12667 (Mean Temp. 10C) (λ) 0.018 W/mK
  • Maximum operating temperature +650C
  • Colour White
  • Compressive Strength
  • Fire Performance Euro Fire Class A2- s1, d0
  • Hydrophobic Yes