A safe and simple highly effective way to insulate panel vans, van conversions or significantly improve the thermal performance and hence comfort of self build camper vans and motorhomes

Aerogel Euroclass fire rating A2 non combustible

With limited space it is important to use the most thermally efficient insulation.

Check the thermal resistance (R) value (if even quoted) of alternative insulations.

Measured in units m2K/W, the higher the number the better

Aerogel is the highest performing passive thermal insulation available.

Thermal conductivity between 0.015 and 0.017W/mK

10mm of Aerogel equates thermally to 25mm expanded polyethylene (XPE) flexible foam sheet

It can therefore be used in thin sheets, optimising available space and fitting neatly behind any internal lining.

An aluminised foil facing provides the vapour control layer

The joints between panels can simply be sealed with aluminium foil tape.

Being a dense fleece type material it also adds acoustic insulation.

It is easy to cut to shape and being flexible can follow the contours of the van body.

Available in manageable sheet sizes it allows you to purchase the amount needed without the waste incurred when using semi rigid or rigid boards.

Perfect for DIY conversions, it enables a clean installation without the need for any special tools or sprays

Face skin material – Aluminised foil

Core insulation material – Aerogel insulation

Rear skin material – Plain foil or foil with self adhesive double sided strips

Sheet dimensions – 720mm x 720mm

Sheet thicknesses – 5mm, 10mm or can be layer bonded to different thicknesses


  • Best in class thermal performance. (0.015 to 0.017 W/mK)
  • Euroclass A2 Fire rated. Non combustible
  • Foil faced. Vapour control layer
  • Waterproof
  • Acoustic
  • Extra thin
  • Flexible
  • Small sheets. Easily cut to shape
  • Minimal compression under high load. Ideal for floors

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Self-adhesive aerogel